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What's going on in Ajax?

Today I grew a serious set o' nuts and braved the eastward Toronto traffic and made it out to meet up with the venerable Mark Jones of Audio by Mark Jones.

Mark was Massif's very first dealer, loading his showroom with 3 Massif racks right away. I could have gone the easy route and found a few dealers who sell more entry level brands, but no, I went for the gold.......Mark used Massif amp stands and a black walnut rack at the TAVES 2015 along side Kronos, Tenor, Magico, and Kubala-Sosna. He still sells a ton of wild stuff, like Kondo, Glanz, SME, Kuzma, Constellation and those wild speakers, Clarysis. He also used a Massif rack at the 2023 TAF with Clarysis, Constellation and Linn. I didn't go to the show, I had recently broken my foot chasing my dog and accidentally punted my Eggleston Emma SE.

Mark's brick-and-mortar farmhouse (converted to a loft) is maybe the coolest looking high end store I've ever seen.

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