"It tightened but did not over damp bass, clarified but did not parch the midrange, and improved high frequency transient focus and clarity."
-Michael Fremer, Stereophile Magazine, June 2022

Prime Reference Weight

Engineered from Mpingo with a cocobolo top surface. These tone woods are unmatched in musical resonance control.

Uncovers inner details and previously unheard nuances while simultaneously  blackening the blacks .   Subtle at times, more pronounced at others, it does nothing wrong.


100% hand-made, one at a time. Finished and buffed with German hard wax.  Quality mpingo is extremely rare and difficult to obtain.  It would be safe to consider  these a limited edition. 


Weight- 330 grams/ 11.4oz  (+/- 10%)

Approximate size -6.35cm / 2.5”tall

           7.62cm / 3” wide



Penult Reference Weight

Engineered from solid cocobolo, an excellent tone wood, unequalled at this price.  Sharing similar properties with the Prime Reference, with slightly less detail.  Slightly lighter and should be considered a must-have for suspension turntables or turntables with less robust motors.

100% hand-made, one at a time. Finished and buffed with German hard wax.

Weight- 285 grams/ 10.4 oz  (+/- 10%)

Size-6.35cm / 2.5”tall

         7.62cm / 3” wide



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