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Record Weights

"It tightened but did not overdamp bass, clarified but did not parch the midrange, and improved high frequency transient focus and clarity." - Michael Fremer, Stereophile , June 2022

"With every record, every genre of music, the results were the same - more details, better and deeper stage, improved imaging."

- Alex Gorouvein,

“I was no longer listening to disparate instruments, but hearing compositions as a unified whole……….I’m very impressed, not only with the sonic benefits but the pride of ownership this finely crafted instrument will bring its owners.” 
- Rick Becker , Enjoy the music, Nov 2022

Prime Reference Weight

Engineered from Mpingo with a cocobolo top surface. These tone woods are unmatched in musical resonance control.

Uncovers inner details and previously unheard nuances while simultaneously  blackening the blacks .   Subtle at times, more pronounced at others, it does nothing wrong.


100% hand-made, one at a time. Finished and buffed with German hard wax.  Quality mpingo is extremely rare and difficult to obtain.  We make every attempt to use air dried and top grade mpingo, Lignum vitae and snake wood in our weights.  Not only are these tone woods held with the highest regard, they're also the most rare  and expensive woods on the planet.  Woods of this hardness and density  are prone to tiny hairline fractures.  These can occur during the drying or the crafting process, or even months later after completion.  If you want to enjoy the magic that these woods can bring you need to accept and embrace their tiny flaws.  


Weight- 330 grams/ 11.4oz  (+/- 10%)

Approximate size -6.35cm / 2.5”tall

           7.62cm / 3” wide



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