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Analogue passive enhancers

"It tightened but did not overdamp bass, clarified but did not parch the midrange, and improved high frequency transient focus and clarity." - Michael Fremer, Stereophile , June 2022

"With every record, every genre of music, the results were the same - more details, better and deeper stage, improved imaging."

- Alex Gorouvein,

“I was no longer listening to disparate instruments, but hearing compositions as a unified whole……….I’m very impressed, not only with the sonic benefits but the pride of ownership this finely crafted instrument will bring its owners.” 
- Rick Becker , Enjoy the music, Nov 2022

Prime Reference

Dalebergia retusa/Dalbergia melonoxylon

Engineered from solid Mpingo with a cocobolo top plate.  Mpingo has an extremely fast attack.

Highs like cymbals carry more air and seems to float more noticeably within the soundstage. Bass guitar notes are richer, faster, more prominent and tighter.   

 325 grams/ 11.4oz  (+/- 10%)

Approximate size -6.35cm / 2.5”tall 7.62cm / 3”wide


Mpingo/Special Edition $995

Solid mpingo w/o cocobolo


Turned from solid logs imported directly from Surinam. Snakewood is impossibly heavy while also being incredibly dense.  Fairly difficult to work with and equally difficult to obtain.

Similar improvements in bass as heard with the Prime Reference but with a greater emphasis on image focus, instrument separation and blacker blacks.  

355 grams/ 12.5oz (+/- 10%)

Approximate size-6.35cm / 2.5" tall 7.62 / 3" wide 



Lignum Vitae / Limited to 35 pcs

Guaiacum officinale

In some circles Lignum Vitae is known as either  Holy wood or Bastard Greenheart, a safe assumption as to why might be its penchant for ruining tools. Often referred to as the true iron wood, it's also a  damn fine tone wood.  Its beauty and scarcity certainly make this a sought after wood. 

Lignum Vitae can bless well recorded LPs with much improved tonality, the ability to convey the timbre of various instruments.  Highs seem to possess a smoother, more liquid (if that even makes sense) presentation. Noise floor falls dramatically, lower octaves and notes tighten up considerably. Pianos command attention and enter the room with the authority of a gorgeous brunette in a cocktail dress and black pumps. 

360 grams / 12.6oz (+/- 10%)

Approximate size 6.35cm / 2.5" tall 7.62 / 3" wide

$1995  SOLD OUT

All prices are in USD

Canadian customers please message for pricing.

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