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Equipment racks
"Make it simple, but make it significant." -Don Draper

A design that is unmistakably Massif, casts a pleasingly impressive silhouette from every angle. Without exception each piece of wood is hand-picked and never ordered sight unseen, a testimony to their unequaled good looks. 

Massif racks rely on tonal qualities and sympathetic vibrations rather than isolation in the same way as does a high quality tone wood record weight.  Made entirely out of solid woods, our racks can infuse both a warm feel and engaging sound to rooms furnished with modest equipment or lavishly equipped with the highest quality gear available.  Equal parts strength and style, matched only by natural beauty, our racks are available in several  options to meet your specific needs. 


All Massif racks are built to easily hold any weight gear.  Weight limits are for suckers


All racks come with SoundCare Super spikes by SEAS.

Massif is a Canadian authorized Nordost dealer; please email us for pricing on Sort Fut and Kones. 

Single wide starting at $2100

Typical shelf footprint of 22"w by 19" deep

Double wide starting at $3450

42" x 19"

Triple wide starting at $4400

60" x 19" 

Shelf height spacing is determined by your requirements and should not affect price.  

**All prices in USD , please contact for Canadian pricing. Contact us if you do not have a dealer in your area.


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Soundcare Super Spikes by SEAS

Nordost Sort Kones

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