Geometrically pleasing, our cable risers are designed to do one thing well--keep your expensive power and speaker cables off the floor and static-charged rugs.  Never has something so controversial been so beautiful. 


Cable risers fall into a kind of grey area with Massif.  They aren’t always available.  So, shoot an email, we may have something amazing floating around the shop or coming down the pipe. 


Fun Fact: a few years ago a very well known stereo magazine took a set of our zebrawood risers and tested them, and determined that they do increase signal transfer and, more often than not, can make an improvement.  Shortly thereafter were deemed too contentious and were just begging for angry letters and Facebook posts.  Sadly, they never made it to press, and here I am still making 300lb racks and seeing a chiropractor twice a week.



For a set of 8,

Exotic woods only

(Ebony, rosewood, bubinga, cocobolo,  lignum vitae, mpingo, pau ferro etc....)

All prices in USD. Canadian customers call for pricing 

Risers main image.jpg