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Shop pics

Above you can see this century old building. The basement was the first shop I had. I shared it with some great woodworkers, furniture makers, a luthier, and boutique designers. It was off the charts cool inside and has been home once to a coffin factory and Im told a meth lab as well. That tall condo to the right wasn't there, but these bastards were the reason we got kicked out of this sweet location. I'm not mad at all.

On the surface you might think I was regressing by moving here. Not so. This is the view from the loading dock, but the shop inside is warm, safe, clean and Im surrounded again by other woodworkers , computer wizards, high end sports car performance workshops etc.

The traffic on the way to work and home is rough. Not unlike downtown Toronto.

Making things out of wood is the hardest part of my job.....

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