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escape competition through authenticity....

Cycling, the grappling arts, dogs, and music/stereos have pretty much all that  I've been interested in my entire life.  After a  cycling accident and subsequent loss of my job and business building pool tables I decided to forget that heavy stuff and start something I'm more interested in. 

I started  building racks around 2015 as I wanted a rack for my own system.  I saw some ok looking racks out there but nothing that looked like what I wanted.  I didn't want something counter-intuitive to musicality, no mid grade steel, no plywood,  no aluminum......I showed mine online and  quickly received  a couple of orders and my first real dealer.  I started doing all the audio shows that year and things grew from there.  


In 2018, I took custody of my son and relocated from downtown Toronto to Waterloo, ON.  Since I didn't need  a showroom, it didn't really matter where I had my shop. Waterloo was much cheaper and the cycling was/is much better.  

During the pandemic, fearing that business was going to withdraw to less favourable avenues,  I  begin making my analogue enhancers again, I had stopped making them in order to concentrate on racks.   Adding them back into my arsenal of products was a good idea.  I continue to  get to build awesome racks and  test new and crazy beautiful woods every week.  Massif is a fun company to run and I intend on doing it until its ceases being so.  Thanks for visiting my site.  


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