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Not a real Story

Born in Canada, the same year Black Sabbath released Master of Reality.

Been a  serious cyclist since 3yrs old.

Raced BMX, road and XC mountain bikes forever.

Built pool tables for around 18 yrs.  Never enjoyed the game.

Relatively skilled in various ground fighting martial arts. 

Dabbled in dog sled racing. 

Owned a Dairy Queen and a pool table store.

Built dozens of cool coffee tables.  Loves coffee. 

Been heavily into Heavy metal, thrash and death metal since the early 80's.

Loves Siberian Huskies. 

First high end stereo was 1990, Tannoy, Bryston, NAD, Yamaha and Tara Labs .

Loves the gear as much as the music.

Last wood shop project in high school was an audio rack.

Loves Belgian biers, tacos and suicide level hot sauces.

Usually seen wearing sneakers, very seldom hatless.

Loves woodworking.

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