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escape competition through authenticity....

Cycling, the grappling arts, dogs, and music/stereos have pretty much all that  I've been interested in my entire life.  I've had decent  stereos since high school and would often dream of owning a company that made cool speakers, or designed amazing room treatment products..After a  cycling accident and subsequent loss of my job and business building pool tables I decided to forget that heavy stuff and start something I'm more interested in, and those dreams returned.. 

I started  building racks around 2015 as I wanted a rack for my own system.  I saw some ok looking racks out there but nothing that looked like what I wanted.  I didn't want something counter-intuitive to musicality, no mid grade steel, no plywood,  no aluminum......I showed mine online and  quickly received  a couple of orders and my first real dealer.  I started doing all the audio shows that year and things grew from there.  


In 2018, I took custody of my son and relocated from downtown Toronto to Waterloo, ON.  Since I didn't need  a showroom, it didn't really matter where I had my shop. The Waterloo region was much cheaper and the cycling was/is much better.  I currently have a warm shop on a farm 15 min outside of town surrounded by farm fields, apple orchards and road side corn and maple syrup stands.  A lot different than the first shop that was about 6 blocks from the CN Tower.

During the pandemic, fearing that business was going to withdraw to less favourable avenues,  I  began focusing a lot more on record weights in addition to racks in hopes that the lock down didn't bury me.  The pandemic turned out to be very kind to the audio industry, and I'm still plugging away. Massif is a fun company to run and I intend on doing it until its ceases being so.  Thanks for visiting my site.  


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