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Amplifier Supports

Far more than just mini versions of our racks, our platforms do share the same gorgeous alternating, and vibration slaying grain pattern design as our racks, but are even more versatile. Platforms can be used to further dampen vibration, or  by sharing the spotlight on a shelf, or if you’re feeling nutty you can have us install a set of mpingo legs or your favourite tone wood.  You now have an amp stand that may outweigh your amp.   Amp stands can be ordered in pairs to accommodate mono blocks.  Like racks, there is no size carved in stone, in general 22" x 19"  (between the legs) works well for most amps.  There's also no weight limit to what our stands can hold.  No amp we've heard of anyways. 


Starting at $595 (excluding footers/bases)

*All prices in USD, please contact for Canadian pricing.

**In Canada favourite is spelled with a 'u'. 




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