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Back breaking labour

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

Late this summer I received an emailing regarding a possible order for a maple rack with the additional possibilty for an upgrade to an exotic leg.

Things quickly became out of control. A rack turned into 3 racks........

The racks took a while but turned out pretty nice. African Bubinga rarely disappoints.

I did make the mistake of sending them via Fed Ex. Lesson learned, but they did eventually get there.

Bubinga footers w/carbon steel balls

These rock maple shelves were about 45" long. Ontario maple. A really hard tone wood. Similar to ebony and a lot more affordable. The customer requested that I also make a small split shelf for some digital gear he had, but didn't require a full shelf that extended the length of the rack. I think this rack weighed 200lbs.

This rack was the small one. 110lbs. The customer loaded it with crazy tape decks, Not TEACs or Nakamichi Dragons. Stuff I'd never heard of.

There's some pretty nice gear in here.

The Massif flagship turntable weight, or Analogue passive enhancer. Solid lignum vitae. Simply one of the finest tone woods available.

To read a bit more a out this room check out.....

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