Positive Feedback Audio Oasis! Award for AXPONA 2016

A shout out and thank you to ModWright, Ryan, Aurender, PS Audio, Cardas, Audioquest, GIK and Shunyata for choosing a Massif rack and cable risers for the room at Axpona.

"There was real audio righteousness going on in your room, and I’m here to recognize it! Congratulations! You really made my trip to AXPONA 2016 a great pleasure while I was in your space!"

Dr. David W. Robinson

Editor-in-Chief, Positive Feedback


Impressions: AXPONA 2016 and my Audio Oasis! Awards, Part 2

by David W. Robinson

#Axpona #PositiveFeedback #ModWrightInstruments #RyanSpeakers #Aurender #PSAudio #Cardas #Audioquest #GIK #Shunyata

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