Below are some links to write ups and photos we have received of our presence at TAVES. Thank you for noticing us and for all the kind mentions.

Enjoy The Music

Toronto Audio Video Entertainment Show – Part 1

"…Massif Audio Design provided a pair of very well built, heavy duty custom equipment racks, about which I will have more to say later."

by Rick Becker

Toronto Audio Video Entertainment Show Report – Part 4

"In an alcove almost out of the flow of migrating attendees, I came upon Trevor Doyle, founder of Massif Audio Design, and Angela Bradfield, who works with him in marketing. We had met socially the night before when I learned that they were both avid bicyclists and we shared stories of our favorite rides. Trevor has spent much of his early adulthood building pool tables for one of the top manufacturers in that business. The philosophy and skills learned there carried over into his life-long passion for music. The good news for audiophiles is that his skill at building custom audio racks far surpasses his ability with a guitar. Like the pool tables he built, you can remove the hardware from the racks and they will still support your gear. (You will probably sleep better if you leave it in place.) Everything is built with solid wood and looking at their work, you will understand the company name. But beyond that, Trevor has a true appreciation for wood that, in other brands, is usually homogenized and given a more commercial look. The grain, texture, coloration and at times even the imperfections of real wood are allowed to show through, becoming a rack with unique character rather than one of many with a common identity. No two audiophile rigs are the same, and no two Massif racks are completely identical. In fact, they are often custom made to accommodate the specific gear of the new owner. The photos, here, tell the story better than words. Later, in the Audio by Mark Jones room, I would see another of their very special creations. In fact, Massif racks appeared in a number of rooms at TAVES, which you can see on their website. Click on the small photos to view the enlargements."

by Rick Becker

Toronto Audio Video Entertainment Show Report – Part 5

"I had been given a "heads-up" about the Audio by Mark Jones room on several occasions. It was another stellar room at the show… I also had the pleasure of meeting Mark Jones who was a lot more down to earth kind of guy than you might expect to meet selling gear of this caliber. It was interesting to hear how he evolved from being a more broad based retailer into becoming one of the most selective and expert dealers in the greater Toronto area—in Whitby, Ontario, just east of Toronto, to be specific.

…This was an easy choice for one of the very Best Rooms at the show. I also took note of the fine Massif Audio rack with dramatic grain and knothole right in the top that lent authenticity to the structure and complemented the wood on the Tenor pieces, without trying to match them."

by Rick Becker

Six Moons

Industry Features: TAVES 2015

"Massif Audio Design had their own room, showcasing their racks and support systems but also had their product peppered throughout show, gaining good exposure."

by Glen Wagenknecht


TAVES 2015, the Deutsch Report Part 3

"Custom hardwood component racks made by the Toronto-based Massif Audio Design were featured in the Audio by Mark Jones (Magico/Tenor) and the Skogrand/ACA Seraphim rooms. They also had their own booth, where some Massif racks and platforms were available at "show special" prices. The Massif products are designed by Trevor Doyle (left), with Angela Bradfield (right) looking after the business part of the enterprise. (She also designed the logo.)"

by Robert Deutsch


from TAVES: Canada's Ultimate Consumer Electronics Show

Oct. 30 – Nov. 1, 2015 | Sheraton Parkway Hotel in Richmond Hill, Ontario

Thank you for making 2015 our most successful show to date. The show was attended by over 6,500 guests!

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