A Massif Presence at TAVES = Success!

Our enormous success at the Taves Show would not be possible without many kind people, excellent companies and amazing visitors.

Mark Jones from Audio by Mark Jones and Knut Skogrand from Skogrand Cables have provided priceless support to us from the beginning and we're certain we'll have many more successful collaborations in the future. Thanks to our friends, Tash Goka and Diane Koebel from Reference 3A, George Tordai from Audio Oasis and Michael Thompson from Audio Zone for choosing our racks to display their equipment. Congratulations to Simon Au, Suave Kajko and their team who put on an amazing show.

We were also fortunate enough to have the pleasure of meeting Robert Deutsch of Stereophile, Rick Becker of Enjoy the Music and Glen Wagenknecht of Six Moons and appreciate the write ups and positive reviews. (We hope to keep updating this list over the coming weeks.)

Lots of love and thanks to Halsey Gonsalves, Sean Leighland and Matt Thomas for their time and assistance with setting up our booth and chatting with visitors.

—Trevor + Angela

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