Ambrosia maple with Padauk legs.
Prime Black Walnut.
Sonic Artistry's main room in Toronto. Ambrosia maple amp stands, with Gabon ebony legs and Black Diamond racing cones.
Trevor with Jim Thompson from Eggleston Works speakers. Photo by Anthony Kershaw of Audiophilia Magazine.
Black walnut dogma rack.
Black walnut sumo dogma w/ebonized ash legs. 400lbs!
Massif mugshot
Cottonwood rack with Pau Ferro legs and Brazilian rosewood TT platform.
Bay Bloor Radio 4 shelf black walnut dogma rack
Ambrosia maple with zebra wood legs
Ambrosia maple and zebrawood legs
Solid Brazilian rosewood rack. Pretty rare.
Executive Stereo in Toronto. Black walnut.
Black walnut.
Audio by Mark Jones rack. Ambrosia maple with zebra wood legs
Jatoba and Ambrosia Maple racks in the Skogrand Cables room, Axpona 2017. Photo by Todd Cooperider
Ambrosia Maple and Zebrawood rack.
Jatoba and Rock Maple rack. (customer photo)
Black walnut rack. (customer photo)
Brazilian Rosewood rack.
Prototype Massif record weight.
Ash and Paduak rack in Monitor Audio/Roksan Audio room, Montreal Audio Show 2017.
Jatoba and African Mahogany rack in Sonic Artistry room, Montreal Audio Fest 2017.
African Mahogany and Pau Ferro rack in Audio by Mark Jones room, Montreal Audio Fest.
Ambrosia Maple and Bloodwood rack in Artist Cloner room, Montreal Audio Fest 2017.
Paduak and Ash rack at CES Las Vegas
Maple rack with Zebrawood uprights
Bubinga rack
Black walnut rack with black walnut amp platforms and cable risers at TAVES 2016
Nordost's room at TAVES 2016
Rock maple rack with Jatoba uprights at TAVES 2016
Oak rack with Zebrawood uprights at TAVES 2016
VPI, Kef, Hegel, Nordost and Massif Audio Design at TAVES 2016
Black walnut rack
Black walnut rack
Jatoba and Maple rack
Jatoba TT platform
African Mahogany and Pao Ferro rack
2" solid maple turntable platform
Black walnut risers in the ACA, Melody Valve, TriangleArt room at T.H.E. Show Newport Beach 2016
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I was amazed to hear the cable risers improve the sound stage to be more open and cleaner, and the platform under the TT improved the extension of the bass. It seems your wood makes the sound more solid and natural. Good stuff!

Eric Ho

Markham, Ontario

Massif Audio Design is our favorite go-to-rack-manufacturer when exhibiting at audio shows around the globe. We can always rely on Massif Audio Design to deliver outstanding racks, mono block bases, cable risers and great company at the shows.

Knut Skogrand, Skogrand Cables

Oeyer, Oppland, Norway

Many thanks to Massif Audio Design for delivering some killer work. Speaker stands for my Polk Audio vintage Monitor 7s. The Black Walnut is a perfect match to the cabinets. The matching isolation platform for my turntable is solid. I could drop a bowling ball beside this thing—not a tremor. Stomped up and down, even moved components around: Zip! Pictures don't do the grain and finish justice. Better than Christmas!

Christopher Kukiel

Toronto, Ontario

In the last year I have bought several products from Trevor at Massif Audio Design including an amp platform and stand, all made from gorgeous 2" thick maple and finished with two coats of simple satin polyurethane. Gorgeous!


Visitors invariably comment on the beauty of the wood. What I see is wide open grain, contrasting hues of light and color and most importantly, a heavy, resonance deadening and perfectly level platform to mount my 50lb amplifier, 90lb turntable and other weighty units. Don't attempt to put this high end gear on a light weight stand and expect good things!


By comparison, my other much more expensive two shelf stand is technically sophisticated and offers the same sonic benefits. It too is finished to a high standard using isolated, non magnetic aluminium shelves and wood composite supports. But if they sound the same why not choose something that is really easy to look at? And costs a lot less with greater flexibility of design, color and versatility.


Be sure I will buy more from Massif when I migrate to monoblocks all in the same high density solid wood.

Sean Leighland

Oakville, Ontario

Very well designed audio supports—and aesthetically pleasing.

Ernie Fisher

Audio Perspective, The Inner Ear Magazine

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Prime Black Walnut.