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Wood is a living substance and high or low humidity extremes can cause mild warping and checking. Massif cannot be responsible for the humidity controlled care of this item once it leaves the woodshop. The natural characteristics of solid wood include variations in color, grain and texture and therefore are not considered defects.


Contact between finish and certain plastics could result in discoloration and damage to the finish. Use caution when placing spikes or heavy components on top of your Massif rack or platform as they could scratch the surface.


Dust, fingerprints, etc. accumulate on any finished surface and should be periodically removed. Dust build-ups may scratch or dull the finish if not removed properly. All Massif products should be maintained by simply dusting with a dry, lint-free cloth. Oiling is recommended should the wood start to look dry or dull. When oiling, we recommend a thin layer of teak oil, following the direction of the wood grain.


All units are manufactured from the finest hardwoods and are subject to natural color and grain characteristics. As some woods age, each piece may darken (or lighten) in its own unique manner. Exposure to direct sunlight accelerates the process, while a stationary object on a top may leave a shadow of lighter wood.


Teak Oil is specially formulated for dense woods and exotic woods.



Apply teak oil liberally with a lint free cloth onto a clean wood surface. Allow teak oil to penetrate for about 15 minutes and then wipe away excess teak oil completely. Do not allow teak oil to dry before removing the excess teak oil. We recommend 2–3 coats of teak oil, waiting up to 24 hours between each coat. Additional coats of teak oil may be required if wood is extremely dry. For best results and to create a silky smooth surface, rub lightly with fine sandpaper between coats of teak oil. Reapply Teak Oil 1–2 times a year.



Massif’s liability for defective merchandise is limited to replacement or repair of that merchandise.


Massif Audio Design provides a limited one year warranty to the original purchaser of Massif wood racks and platforms from an authorized dealer, that the furniture is free from defects in material and workmanship as noted. This warranty does not apply to purchasers of as-is or distressed products or display samples or to products that have been modified. Color and finish variations are natural in wood and are not covered by this warranty. This warranty applies under conditions of normal household use but does not apply to fading (furniture should not be placed in direct sunlight) or defects that result from negligence, soiling, improper cleaning, misuse, abnormal use, accident, or commercial use.


Massif will, for one year following the date of the original purchase, at Massif’s option in its sole discretion, repair or replace, or provide a substitute for, any piece or part found by Massif to be defective in material or workmanship. Any costs for packing and shipping are not covered under this warranty. Service claims under this warranty should be made through the retail store from which the product was purchased. To obtain proper service under this warranty, the original purchase receipt should be kept.